What is a Payday Loan?
A payday loan is unsecured short term cash advance and can be borrowed up to $1500. The cash is available until your next pay day.

I have poor credit.  Can I apply for a payday loan?
Yes, Even if you have poor credit status, you may apply for payday loan. We welcome your applications as we do not give much weight to the credit rating.

Is there any need to fax any document?
In most of the cases there is no need to fax any document. But if required by any lender you will be asked to do so.

Is Onehourpaydayloanshub.com a direct lender?
No. Onehourpaydayloanshub.com is not a direct lender. The site matches information in your application with the large network of payday lenders associated with us.

How much can I borrow?
You may receive minimum of $100 and maximum of $1500. The loan amount varies depending on the information you provide. It also depends on a few factors like your income, repayment schedule and credit history.

How do I get qualified for the loan?
You need to have a few pre-requisites to qualify for the loan:

  • Must be earning at least $1000 per month from stable source of income
  • US citizenship
  • Checking or saving account in a bank
  • Must have attained age of at least 18 years

Even if you have poor credit history, you are still eligible to borrow cash advance payday loans.

What will I have to pay for the loan?
We do not ask for any fee for applying the loans. However the loan interests or loan fee to be charged will depend on the lender. After submitting the loan application the terms and conditions along with the loan interest/fee details will be presented to from the lender.

What happens if I am late in paying the loan amount or do not pay at all?
In case you make the repayment of the loan late or are not able to repay the loan amount, the lender will charge some additional. The lender may take legal action against you for nonpayment. The lender can also report to a consumer reporting agency.

How much will the loan cost?
The APR and the cost of the loan depends on your loan application. As soon as you are directed to the lenders website, the terms will be disclosed in the application process. At this point you have NOT accepted the loan. If you are not satisfied with the terms, do not sign the application.

What is your renewal policy?
Renewal policies vary from lender to lender as they are defined and determined by the lender not by us. But be careful as some lenders may not debit your account for the full amount of the loan, which may result in additional fees and a renewed loan. You must go through the renewal policy of the lender carefully.

Can I apply for multiple loans at a time?
It is highly recommended not to apply for multiple loans at a time as the high interest rates and excessive usage of payday loans cash advance may lead to debt problems.

How do you make money?
Onehourpaydayloanshub.com gets commission from the lender once the borrower gets approval after matching your information with the appropriate lender. We do not get any money if your application is not as per the lenders requirement. This is why we keep working hard with top lenders to partner with and to provide you best services.